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Wednesday 1st of February, 2023
Tracing the origin of T-independent responses in humans
Just Published in Science Immunology: Sandra Weller and coll. in the former team of Claude-Agnès Reynaud and Jean-Claude Weill, in collaboration with the group of Pr. Guy Gorochov (CIMI, Paris and AP-HP) investigated the B cell subsets involved in T-independent (TI) responses. Such responses are directed against nonproteins with repeated structure such as bacterial capsular polysaccharides (capPS). Unlike T-dependent responses, TI responses do not elicit germinal centers or a memory response, but in humans, antibodies specific to bacterial capPS harbor somatic mutations, which appears as a paradox. Using High throughput BCR repertoire sequencing, Weller et al studied TI responses in healthy individuals vaccinated with Pneumovax, a model TI vaccine composed of pneumococcal polysaccharides. They showed that they largely mobilize Marginal Zone (MZ) and clonally related switched B cells that most likely prediversified their antibody repertoire during immune responses taking place in Gut-associated lymphoid tissues and directed against gut bacteria harboring cross-reactive glycans.  
See more here: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciimmunol.ade1413

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HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover, who through the Princess Grace Foundation, already supports medical research and anything that helps to relieve the sick children in France and around the world, has agreed to commit to our side so that our Center of Molecular medicine continues to meet the current challenges and fight diseases, and in particular the ones affecting children.

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